Bandwidth Thieves (aka Hotlinkers) annoy me.

I give away my wallpaper for free, for any use people like.

All I ask is that people download the images and host them on their own server.

When someone directly links to my images on my site, they use up bandwidth that I need for my website..

These are some of the people who used large amounts of bandwidth before I switched the images.

I hope they like my updates to their pages.

Before Image Swap
After Image Swap

AdHell the Cath

Quebec City Hardcore Forums (French)

Another forum user. 1280x1024 into a 150x150 slot. Adding an insult to the moderator's mothers should improve his relations with the forum users.


No Haters BBS (Requires Registration)

This time a forum user made her 64x64 pixel user icon link to a 360k, 1200px wide image on my server. Every 3 page views of any thread she posted in was costing me a megabyte of data transfer. Welcome to the hall of shame, Pixie.


Stealing bandwidth for forum software is oh so rude. Every hit to their page was a huge download off mine.


WSPride - More Gamers

With thanks to Bean for the drawing.



I don't know.




Gotta Luve Shia




Another personals site, I sure do get a lot of these.


Another personals site, same image. The image of love.


A personals site...cancelling the page load will kill the music.


Gamers - they should know better:

Tournament Stats