I made these.

They're Creative Commons Licensed and higher res versions of some are available for purchase.
- !Bob of Austin Texas

Huge wallpaper: (1800x1440)

Laptop Wallpaper: (1440x900)

HD Wallpaper: (1920x1080)

Mandlebrot exporation - Fract4D
green boom
green boom
My first Ubuntu Fractal - Fract4D
A Fract4D generated fractal

Dual Monitor Wallpaper: (Mostly 2048x768)

hat thrown
purfrac tripetal
dreamcatcher spiral2048
wideGyr lion
cageTheWater ballOfTubes
prettyRing ominous
flyinBalls redwax

Triple Monitor Wallpaper: (3840x1024)


Random resolutions, just random old wallpaper I haven't moved to the graveyard yet.

redIsTheRose verticalBars wheelsInMotion
apophysis01 apophysis02 apophysis03
fractalWeb balance dreamCatch
f1.jpg f2.jpg f3.jpg
causeAndEffect funkyRings2 causeAndEffect2
ballCyls self waterBall
griddy byGrid bwGrid
hawaii hawaii2 hawaii3
spiral myEyes net
wb bw wbw
theCube theCube2 theCube3
redDot2 lionBig marbleWeb
ohm3 ohmPull fireball
owmyHead cryeye crosscircle
cageItAll ringAball2 4e
bawlsrings swirlInBall sobe
allHellBreaksLoose atlanta ballCube
ballPyramid2 bricks clicks
GridBall highvoltage marble
Missing something?
I've moved some of my older stuff to the graveyard.

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