Below are some pictures I've taken because I liked the textures.
(C)2003 Bob Eells, Commercial Use Prohibited without written permission
Non-commercial use just requires a thank-you email to me: textures@plasmator.net. :)

marrow   ripples   wasps
  bonePile   cicada  
puppy   ropes   tree2
  ribcage   tree  
ballMoss   chains   hood

My Tileable Textures - Created for Drempels and are free for any non-commercial use.
These Textures (C) Copyright 2001 Bob Eells - bob@plasmator.net
A zip of all these textures (1 meg) is here
bobAThing bobBlueCross bobBlueDiamonds bobBlueJumpingJax bobBlueRedMan
bobBlues bobBlueWormHoles bobBright bobBullets bobBurn
bobBurnBlueEarth bobChemicalSpill bobCloudy bobColumns bobCross
bobDarkMaze bobDarkWaves bobDiamonds bobDiamonds2 bobDripping
bobFireCross bobFlow bobFly bobFunky bobGlassed
bobGoldDiamonds bobGreen bobGreenBeauty bobGreenMonkeyFaces bobGreenRug
bobGreenStalks bobKalBullets bobKnife bobMasks bobMatrix
bobMaze bobMirrored bobNeutralBeauty bobPaperDoll bobPoisonDartFrog
bobQuarters bobRed bobRednBlue bobRug bobSpores
bobSW bobThinPlus bobWow bobYellowMirrored bobYellowRed